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44C Gottfried St. | Elkhart Lake, WI

SainRx Organic Juice Bar

SainRx Organic Juice Bar is the brainchild of Dr. Grace Hameister, DC, who always tells people: "Food is medicine ...but it doesn't have to taste like it." Located in the red building in the heart of Elkhart Lake’s shops, SainRx’s made-to-order fresh juices are synergistic blends created with the most unique and delicious flavor profiles imaginable. Besides serving 100% organic corn free, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free and very low sugar juices, fresh organic produce and grab ‘n go salads are available daily, for a quick and delicious foodie adventure.


SainRx Longevity Institute

A destination for natural, scientifically valid, modern health solutions in a technologically savvy world-class service environment. Former world champion athlete Dr. Grace Hameister, DC specializes in weight management and fitness programs, pain reduction, and accelerated tissue repair.

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